Spanish week chronicle

1st day in Madrid (5th.Nov). Hosting, introductions, fun facts about Spain, interviews to our refugees, visiting the school, and "cajón flamenco" workshop... As lovely as crazy day!! Letˋs enjoy this Tuesday!! Our 2nd day in Madrid. On Tuesday we have played From Migrant to Citizen for the first time. A game that has helped us … Sigue leyendo Spanish week chronicle


3rd day of the Spanish Week

On Wednesday 7th all the project students joined early in the morning at the classroom to make a creative writing workshop dealing with the what-does-it-take-to-feel-at-home topic. They gathered in groups of four and worked on it. We all really engaged, you can see the results. After that, all the students but the Spanish, headed to … Sigue leyendo 3rd day of the Spanish Week